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I just saw the cutest purse ever. Not only is it small, but we love the shape too. It’s the Dior Replica Handbags.

We adore Dior Replica Handbags too, but if you’re are in need for something smaller, then this Purse will fulfill your wishes.

And just like its name says ‘saddle’, this Saddle Purse is inspired by the Horse Saddle, which also explains the shape.

Dior Replica Handbags

These Saddle Purses are crafted in either Grained Calfskin or Oblique Printed Canvas. It’s basically a very tiny purse for coins or small accessories. The bag opens via the top zipper and there is a 1 main pocket inside.

The leather strap that’s attached to the D logo for Dior has actually a function. It’s also a style boaster, but this D is a hook for carrying keys or other items.

Measuring 12 x 8 cm, the calfskin leather is priced at €290 EUR, £270 GBP

The Burberry Replica Handbags is priced at €260 EUR, £240 GBP via Dior boutiques.